Tuesday, 3 May 2011


Blog #2

Some small but significant changes in my mindset have made themselves apparent since the last blog.  In the melee of moving house, finding actual tangible happiness, falling out and back in love with my band (pleased to report I'm definitely back on the in side of the line) and other minor conflicts of the mind, I have decided thus:
1. Despite the romance of it, I am not an island.
2. I am once again enjoying the things I love and I want to get things done.

(I think what this translates to is that I am putting the depression of the last 18 months or so behind me. And it feels jolly nice).

Since I am no longer a loner in this particular musically pursuit I'd like to formally welcome David Moriaty and Paul Davidson to Project Captain What.  They are both fantastic people who I am very lucky to be able to work with and whose respective guitar and drum skills I am very grateful for. They are both tremendous musicians. I was astounded to learn that Dave has already learnt the songs I previously sent and now Paul is taking the demos to learn whilst sunbathing on a beach in America. Upon his return we'll get together and start rehearsing. I cannot wait, I literally find no greater pleasure than that of making music.

Getting stuff done - Ever wondered what Judge Tindal would look like if Andy Warhol was his stylist?  No me neither, but it's in the video
I'm going to take the opportunity created by the change in band dynamic to release the video for Captain of Nothing I filmed with Rich Lyman.  It's just me in the video, and the music I recorded, which won't make much sense when the three of us are playing.  So I'm going to put it out there to give a little taster of what's to come. Hope you enjoy it, it's very, very silly.

Check out Facebook and Twitter for the video release, upcoming shows and whatnot.

Captain Matt